Little Thyagu Full Sleeve T-shirt - Unisex

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What’s this about?

Meet "Little Thyagaraja" a.k.a "Little Thyagu" of the Canrnatic Trinity. He is such a prodigious child, who composes songs with such spontaneity and expressiveness. Given a choice between music and playtime, Little Thyagu would always pick music, every single time!

Product details

Material - Pure Cotton, 180 GSM, Soft and silky fabric finish 

Type - Round-neck, Full Sleeves, Standard fit 

Printing - High quality-stretch resistant 


  • Do not wash and dry at high temperatures (Hot water might crack the print)
  • Machine wash preferred
  • Use mild detergent (Avoid fabric softeners)
  • Hang-dry for longest life
  • Do not iron on the print
  • Do not dry clean

Please note that the colours may be slightly different than that on the image

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